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Welcome to QualityMaples!   We offer approximately 75 varieties from a beginning inventory each year of 2000 plants. We have approximately 200 varieties here on the property both in the ground and in terra cotta containers for observation.   Our passion was to have all the varieties but quickly realized that isn’t possible, so along with industry favorites we try to  specialize in dwarf varieties, selected variegated varieties and those with unique outstanding color.   We have been associated with the nursery industry for 50 years and have been collecting and observing Japanese Maples for 30 plus years. We do not claim to have all the answers, but I think we can offer competent advice.   The photographs in this website were all taken here and shall remain our property. No permission for reprint or copy is granted or implied.   Please enjoy and explore the information in this website.   A slide presentation is avaliable HERE (QualityMaples)   Our Mission Statement:   To provide a wide selection of varieties of Japanese Maples of the highest Quality at reasonable prices and always Communicate to the customer with honesty and respect in a timely manner.   It is our intent for our customers to have successful results enhancing their landscapes, increasing the beauty of the neighborhood and encouraging neighbors, family and friends to share in that success!   “Adopt the pace of nature - Her secret is patience”       -Ralph Waldo Emerson
CLOSED 11-21-16